Law Students

Law Internships

Through our Internship Program, we want to give you the opportunity to work with some of the best lawyers, and to have the experience of working in a demanding environment close hand. In addition to knowledge of the Law, having a mindset of being open to the world, of adapting to any problem and of taking responsible and sustainable decisions is a key part of our culture.

We know that an internship is a first and important step and we have prepared a program that allows you to develop a wide range of skills, preparing you as a lawyer, but also as a professional and a person.

Interested candidates are welcome to submit their applications at any time for the Summer Program or the School Year Program. Applicants must be currently enrolled as a law student and submit (i) a cover letter, (ii) law school and (iii) undergraduate transcripts, (iv) two writing samples (Spanish and English) and (v) resumé to